Principles for Employment Relationships

Equal Treatment of Employees

1) The employer must treat all employees equally. Equal treatment is essential in all matters involving terms and conditions of employment, workplace policies and general working conditions.

Wellbeing and Safety at Work

2) The employer must endeavour to provide a safe, healthy and well-kept working environment for the employees.


3) The employer must see to it that all employees receive necessary induction training. In addition, the employer must ensure an opportunity for the employees to acquire complementary training and further training that is necessary to maintain and develop their expertise.

Employment Agreement

4) Employment agreements must always be made in writing.

5) As a general rule, all employment agreements are to remain in force until further notice. Fixed-term employment agreements can be made for a justified reason. The reason must be recorded in the agreement.

Working Hours and Workload

6) The employment agreement must specify whether the Working Hours Act applies to the employment relationship.

7) The employer must see to it that the workload and stress level of the employees are monitored. The employer must ensure that work is divided fairly.

8) The employer must endeavour to maintain workloads at such a level that they are not unnecessarily burdensome for the employees. The employer must endeavour to organise work so that the employees can spend their free time without work-related disruptions.

9) In situations of exceptional workload, the employer must compensate the employee for work that exceeds the ordinary workload.

Family Leave

10) Family leave forms an integral and natural part of working life. The employer must encourage the employees to take family leave by ensuring that they can go on family leave and return to work as smoothly as possible and with minimal trouble.


11) The remuneration paid to the employees must be at least equal to the minimum wage recommendation published by the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

Annual Holiday

12) The employees must be granted annual holiday in accordance with the provisions of the Annual Holidays Act.