The Association of Finnish Lawyers

The Association of Finnish Lawyers is the only association in Finland for all lawyers. It promotes professional interests and functions as a legal expert body. The association also treasures lawyer traditions and promotes the appreciation of the profession. Our aim is to secure a quality working life for all lawyers.

Anyone with a legal degree may join the Association of Finnish Lawyers. We hold traditional legal professions, such as prosecutor, judge and advocate, but are also found in organisations, state administration, the world of business, financial sector and universities – and working as farmers, writers and reporters. Regardless of their position, the members of the association are united by their lawyer identity.

The association has approximately 16,000 individual members, which accounts for over 70 per cent of all Finnish lawyers. The Association of Finnish Lawyers also has dozens of member associations. The association was established in 1944.

We hold a stronginfluence in the central organisation Akava and the bargaining associations JUKO and YTN. Furthermore, the Association of Finnish Lawyers is a founding member of Akava.