Reduced membership fees

Reduced membership fees in 2022


Discounted membership fee EUR 180 (includes membership fee for the Lawyers’ Unemployment Fund)

1. Newly graduated members receive a discount for a period of three years from their graduation date (no certificate required).

2. Those on maternity, paternity, parental or care leave
- a copy of Kela's maternity allowance or parental allowance decision
- employer's certificate confirming the period of care leave

3. Unemployed person
- certificate from the unemployment fund, Kela or an Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office)

4. A full-time student, who is not in gainful employment
- certificate from education institution/employer's certificate

5. Those on job alternation leave
- copy of the job alternation leave agreement

6. Illness (over 2 months)
- copy of the sick leave certificate

7. Court training
- a copy of the letter of appointment

8. Permanently resident abroad
Written application. Receipt of the discount is subject to having a foreign address entered in the membership register.

Entitlement to the reduced membership fee concerns those months during which the above discount criteria are fulfilled.
The discount must be requested no later than 15 December during the current year, once the above grounds are fulfilled.

When applying for a reduced membership fee, a certificate must be attached confirming the above-mentioned grounds.

Other discounts

9. Spouse/cohabitant discount (= people in a marriage-like relationship during the fiscal year, continuously sharing a common household without marrying and who have previously been married or who have, or have had, a common child)
- if both spouses/partners are members of the Association of Finnish Lawyers and pay a full membership fee, and only one copy of the Lakimiesuutiset publication is delivered to the same household, the other will be granted a spouse/co-habitant discount of 10% (does not apply to the unemployment fund fee).
- written application

10. Professors and researchers
An agreement has been made with the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers on the membership fee liabilities of holders of dual membership and a 25% discount on the full membership fee (does not apply to the unemployment fund fee).

11. Old age pensioner
The membership fee for those on an old-age pension is EUR 120.00 (does not include the membership fee of the Lawyers’ Unemployment Fund).

12. Entrepreneurs’ membership fee: EUR 300
Entrepreneurs, as defined by the Unemployment Security Act, are not charged the salaried employees’ fee. However, the fee is still interpreted as a full payment.

Persons who have insured themselves via another unemployment fund, or are insured under an unemployment insurance scheme of an EU/EEA country or contract country or who, according to a certificate issued by Kela, the Social Insurance Institution, are working abroad and are not regarded as residents of Finland and thereby – under the scope of Finnish social security legislation – are not covered by the Finnish social security system on the basis of their residence, shall not be charged for the membership fee for the Lawyers’ Unemployment Fund (EUR 53) included in the full membership fee.

Membership fee exemption
Holders of a Bachelor of Law degree who notify the association that they are engaged in full-time studies for a Master's Degree in Law and are student members of the Law Students’ Association Lex, which is a member association of the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

Members who notify the association that they are engaged in military or civilian service are exempt from the membership fee for up to one year.

Are you uncertain of your right to a discount?

Please contact us at or by telephone on +358 (0)9 8561 0321.